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Programme Highlights
  • 24 Hours
  • 7 Days
  • CBSE Curriculum
  • Classes 1 To 10
  • Maths & English
  • Unique Online Tuition
  • India's Most Cost-effective Learning Platform
  • The 123 Way Of Learning: Initial Assessment > Personalised Study Plan > Practice Exercises > Video Tutorial > Lesson Assessments > Certificate Of Appreciation

123 Tuition is a highly structured and user-friendly online teaching system, 100% aligned with the CBSE curriculum, following NCERT guidelines.

123 Tuition is a supplementary learning aid that the student has complete control over and should be used in conjunction with your child’s school career.

123 Tuition provides a robust and cost-effective solution for parents and guardians to the challenge of fulfilling their child’s specific educational needs in numeracy & literacy.

We were established in 1991 in Australia, then took our expertise to the UK where we helped hundreds of thousands of children to learn.

Now that we have brought our expertise to India, you can be guaranteed that all learning materials will adhere to CBSE standards, so that your child has seamless education, complementary to their classroom learning.

Our exclusive initial assessment process identifies each student’s current ability level from which their tailored study plan is created for their individual needs.

We then provide short video tutorials for each lesson. These will have a familiar schoolroom format for your child with the added bonus of being accessed safely online from wherever they are.

There are also supportive worksheets to help consolidate your child’s learning. This helps to monitor how much has been understood from each lesson.

For your peace of mind, we also provide real-time direct access to teachers, either on the phone or online.

You and your child can access reports and lessons from the comfort of your own home and, after an initial assessment, lessons are tailored to exactly match your child’s educational needs.

In these days of increased safety measures due to COVD-19, all of our appointments and meetings are conducted online.

At 123 Tuition we understand that every parent wants their child to not only learn well but feel comfortable and confident too. That is where we become every child’s secret weapon!

Please contact us to arrange your child’s initial, online assessment.

123 Tuition provides competitive costs, and the cost of the programme depends on your needs.

You have the choice to buy the programme outright or pay using the monthly payments plan option.

You may already know how costly private tutors can be. 123 Tuition is significantly cheaper than hiring a tutor and because of our unique technology, we’re just as agile – if not more so!

For further detailed information on options and costs, please call us on +91 994 563 2728.

What makes us unique is that we give you and your child complete control over their educational requirements. You can be involved at each stage of your child’s learning – and, thanks to our comprehensive reports, you will understand just how they are doing and what is needed to help them reach the next stage of their learning.

You will receive a secure username and password and you can access your child’s progress in lessons and assessment results at any time. This means you can help guide them and be completely sympathetic to their needs.

Our courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world.

Some other benefits of 123 Tuition include:

  • Flexibility to fit in with family life
  • 100% aligned with CBSE’s exemplary standards
  • Can help grow parents’ understanding of their child’s education
  • Grow confidence and enthusiasm for your child
  • Tailor made programmes for each and every child, based on their personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Help to build a strong foundation for academic success
  • Flexibility for your children to work at their own pace – with no peer pressure
  • Teacher support when you need it most

Yes, you can. This course is designed to fit around you and your child’s life. And we understand that you need flexibility and confidence.

Once you’ve purchased 123 Tuition, it is yours to use as you see fit. However, we would strongly recommend sticking to a regular study routine to get the best from your programme.

Our recommendation is that children should watch an average of one or two lessons a week, but if they need to stop for a short time, such as for a family holiday, that’s absolutely fine.

Because we know that family life can be busy, you can stop and re-start the programme, subject to our notice period. However, to reiterate, our advice is that erratic study habits would be detrimental to the effects of tuition provided. After all, you are here today because you want to specifically help your child improve and ultimately reach success. And so do we!

123 Tuition is a highly structured, user-friendly, online teaching system specifically created to complement your child’s education

We use a mixture of up-to-the-minute technology and qualified teachers to meet your child’s individual needs

No – it is available 6 days a week from 4-8pm

You will have an initial conversation with us to find out all you need to know

Our teachers can offer help with any of the materials provided on our system only

You will have a parent log in and can check progress any time

Yes! you can, subject to a notice period and our Terms and Conditions

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