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  • Classes 1 To 10
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  • The 123 Way Of Learning: Initial Assessment > Personalised Study Plan > Practice Exercises > Video Tutorial > Lesson Assessments > Certificate Of Appreciation


Once you’ve signed up, we’ll set up an initial assessment at the beginning of each school year course, which allows us to pinpoint the students’ specific ability-level and create a personalised study plan.

Once the study plan is in place, each course uses a variety of lessons that are tailored to your child’s individual needs. There are three elements to each lesson:

Practice Exercises: A good student is always a self-starter. Our students can test their own abilities by doing practice exercises at any time, especially if they don’t feel sure of the material in a lesson. Once they feel comfortable and confident with that, they can move onto a lesson assessment.

Watch a Video Tutorial: If the student still feels unsure of their own knowledge and abilities after the practice exercises, it’s important that they are honest with themselves about this. They can watch our handy video tutorials which will explain the topic and provide the information they need. The beauty of this is that they can watch as many times as they like and take in the information in a different way. Then, when they feel comfortable with this stage, they can move onto the lesson assessment.

Complete the Lesson Assessment: This is the test the students are required to pass in order to progress to the next lesson. Once all the lessons are completed in the school year course, your child will be given an end of year assessment. This makes sure they have accumulated and maintained the knowledge they’ve acquired from all the lessons in the module.

Students need to achieve a 100% pass mark in the end-of-course assessments, in order to continue on to the next school year course. If your child doesn’t achieve a 100% pass mark our sophisticated system automatically generates a personalised, reduced study plan. This is made up of the missing knowledge needed to achieve a 100% pass mark. Then when this has been achieved, your child can move on to the next level.

You can access the parent dashboard to review and monitor your child’s progress at any time.

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