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Personalised Online Maths Tuition

The 123 Tuition mathematics course ranges from beginner mathematics to advanced algebra, trigonometry, calculus and much more. All courses are fully aligned to National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) guidelines.

Get best personalised online maths tuition from UK’s most popular virtual tuition provider. Completely aligned with CBSE and ICSE curriculum.

At 123 Tuition, we believe that one size does not fit all.

However, what we do believe is that confidence generates success. We’re sure you already know that every child’s requirements and abilities are different, so creating a strong base level of understanding is key for us. The foundation blocks are arguably the most important part of a building: get them right and your structure will be strong and sturdy.

Our unique assessment process identifies the stage at which your child can work with complete confidence and competence today.

As well as the in-course assessments, we carry out an initial assessment. The assessment gauges your child’s abilities in their current year group’s work. Our expert team will spot weaknesses and areas that need work as well as their strengths to build on and maintain.

Depending on the result of the initial assessment, we may require your child to carry out a further assessment based on the previous year’s level. Don’t be concerned about this. It is really important that we find their true level of ability.

The great thing about 123 Tuition is that building on strengths and reshaping weaknesses is not only achievable, but richly rewarding for you and you children. The ‘light bulb moments’ where a student suddenly understands something they couldn’t before is what this is all about for us!

All 123 Tuition courses have been aligned to NCERT, so you can be assured that there will be no conflicting teaching practices, or any material that is not relevant to the curriculum.

When they’ve completed the initial assessment, the student will have identified, by looking at their own performance, their strengths and weaknesses within maths.

The next step will be to create a personalised study plan for your child.

123 Tuition’s unique and robust diagnostic assessment tool will analyse all of the questions attempted by your child (even if they didn’t attempt to answer them, we can still see this as an answer of sorts). The tool then correlates the results and maps them to the lessons your child needs.

The resulting study plan can be viewed by you and your child, and details both areas of higher and lower abilities which will be approached in their own unique way by our tutors.

The study plans will guide the student from lesson to lesson. This will keep the student able to focus more on their studies and remove the weight of responsibility and worry from you, the parent.

However, it should be noted that this is not a tool for pure revision of specific topics. The study plan is designed for the student to select lessons that fit their immediate requirements.

A large part of the 123 Tuition programme is about giving the student a sense of ownership of their education. Knowing that they are in control is an important factor in growing their confidence – not something that all children feel in the classroom environment.

The practice presents a range of questions and problems that they are likely to face in the lesson. And our practice system is sophisticated enough to allow the student to try out a lesson first, to make sure it is the right one for them to work on.

The practice software can also read out the question aloud to them, which takes away the strain some children feel when in a test setting.

What if your child makes a simple mistake in the test? No problem, your child be able to make a second attempt at each question. They may also skip any questions they already know.

Because we understand children, we have set up the practice technology to provide a five-minute settling period before the child begins, which many students find useful after a long day at school or doing another activity.

This is the secret weapon for 123 Tuition students: our one-on-one tutorials section.

It’s like a virtual classroom. Our tutorial videos, developed by our qualified and experienced teachers, guide your child through the intricacies of the subject with the ease and fluency of any classroom.

Note, that the videos are not designed to be entertaining! Although they are engaging, these tutorials are there solely to ensure that robust teaching is visually available to the student.

Again, we believe in empowering the student to provide them with confidence and, as this programme is an education tool that’s additional to their school learning, to stop them from feeling too bogged down. So, your child has complete control over these teacher tutorials. They have the ability to replay or skip to any section as many times as they need.

You will know that it is not always easy as a parent to help your child who is stuck with their homework – particularly if ‘maths is not your strong point’.

With 123 Tuition they can easily ‘unstick’ themselves with straightforward, convenient teaching videos.

Meaningful practice makes perfect.

During the worksheet stage your child only gets one attempt at answering the questions, replicating the examination environment.

Like in the practice, the student can choose to have every question read out aloud to them from the system.

Depending on the age of the student and the nature of the work, questions will be presented as simple multiple choice or integrated rulers, protractors, number pads and other forms of entry.

Even at this more ‘serious’ stage of the assessments, students can pause for a break or for dinner, save and exit at any time and ultimately be in control, just as they are throughout the whole process. We work around your lives, not the other way around.

Once the worksheet is completed, the student will be shown a summary of the lesson, which will highlight which answers have been answered correctly or incorrectly.

We are sure you’ll agree that it is vital that your child can reflect on their answers. So, students can click on any incorrect question and see the correct answer.

This reflection function is very important in your child’s learning process.

Everything from the worksheet – correct and incorrect answers, skipped questions and so on – are recorded in our system and available to view at any time in our reports feature.

All early levels of mathematics have complementary printable worksheets. We know that this helps strengthen the retention of lesson content, especially with younger students.

Answer sheets are provided for parents.

The report is the all-important summary of your child’s progress.

Even if maths is not your subject, our easy-to-follow reports highlight key areas for growth in your child’s knowledge.

The reports module will give you a range of information about performance and progress – and it will tell you how much your student is using the system!

At 123 Tuition our experience tells us that a report is not just about numbers. Receiving a report provides you with a great opportunity to ask them how they are finding the programme. And because you have all the information that they do, you can sympathise with them and discuss the future of their learning with them.

Results can be viewed in a variety of formats and, crucially, it shows you how the student is improving. This gives you and them confidence from seeing how their hard work has paid off.

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